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Kathleen has been hosting Dementia Yoga® teacher trainings since Spring of 2016.

 Please check out past events and testimonials below.

"Kathleen’s workshop yesterday was fun, engaging, informative and so inspirational. The course she has created is an empowering, interactive guide for helping our senior community with memory care. The stories she shares of growth, love and helping others live their best lives was truly beautiful. Her workshop is clear, concise and is so beneficial for helping our seniors as they age and their physical/mental abilities are limited in daily activities. I highly recommend taking this course. I am so inspired by Kathleen’s story and her vision.”  Lisa Germani

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Thank you so much for the great class. As a speech pathologist specializing in geriatrics, I really appreciate how you integrated communication strategies within the training. I have taken Several chair yoga trainings that never addressed that crucial component. Thank you for all your great work!

Virginia Cooper

"I took this class because it was the only one of its type offered in my area. I found it extremely informative, and Kathleen's love and compassion for people with dementia and their families are abundantly apparent. Thank you, Kathleen, for giving me tools that I can take with me to work with the wonderful residents at my mother's memory care facility." Tracy Bloomfield 

"Time and money well spent today with Kathleen Sable Colonello taking a private 'Yoga for Dementia' training. Kathleen was a caregiver for her mom for 14 years and has a full time job as a Memory Care Activity Manager. She has the compassion, skills and experience to train others how to give people with dementia a better quality of life through yoga. As Kathleen points out, more and more people are being diagnosed with this disease, which is creating more facilities to care for them. People with dementia are still people looking for the same things in life - to feel good and be happy. Yoga can help do that. I highly recommend this training to all my yoga-teacher friends."

Pat Sweeney Hill (previous owner of BodhiSeed Yoga Studio)

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