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Holistic Healer Services


Life is meant to be lived.  Energy work is a great addition to your arsenal of self-care that

connects you to joy on a much deeper level.  


E-mail to schedule energy work services.


Ensofic Ray™ Reiki - 30 or 60 minute sessions

in-person only

Complete and full energy healing modality as originally received by Mikao Usui and introduced by Gudni Gudnason in the King Solomon Lineage. This powerful and high-vibrational energy infuses the client with the 1st ray of creation to experience a deep level of healing and re-alignment with your soul purpose.  Clients experience a noticeable wave of healing light that connects them to a deep level of stillness, healing and joy. Treatments are focused on 1-3 areas per session.

Schedule now for this incredible deal for Ensofic Ray. Most practitioners charge $200+.


30 minute session - $60

60 minute session - $120

Master Level certification in Holy Fire© Reiki - 30 or 60 minute sessions

virtual or in-person

Alternative hands-on healing in the Usui Lineage as introduced by William Lee Rand. This gentle energy system helps to remove negative/heavy energies from all layers of the subtle body while connecting you with peace and light.  You will leave the session feeling lighter and uplifted. This energy work is felt by clients as a gentle wave of healing energy. 

30 minute session - $40

60 minute session - $80

Chakra Reading - 45 minutes

virtual or in-person

Learn a deeper understanding of your own chakra system. How are your chakras spinning? What blockages are you holding on to? What do you need to create your very best life? This highly personalized session will help you have a better understanding of your internal world, so you can create a more joyful external one.   As within, so without. 

$80 per session or  $50 add on service

Coming May 2024 - Life Activation and Energy Balancing




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